Term Accomodation

Short Term Accomodation

Your Health Community Services offer short-term accommodation to individuals supported by NDIS. Our services offer a family environment which makes individual clients feel at home.

We recognise that disability can take a variety of forms and affect the physical, mental, sensory, psychological and social ability of the person. Hence, individuals with disabilities have a right to complete integration and inclusion within the community, family, school and/or workplace. Assistance therefore should be provided for this to take place. It is the position of Your Health Community Services that providing care for people living with a disability is an important aspect of our business.

We are passionate about providing support and care in a safe, therapeutic, fun and enjoyable environment for our clients and meeting the needs of their families and carers.


What’s included?

  • A safe therapeutic and nurturing home environment for people with disabilities, along with opportunities for social engagement and group activities
  • Regular opportunities for families to take time out from day to day care responsibilities
  • A person-centred and family-centred approach
  • A user friendly and open-door service
  • A secure and vibrant community where all of our clients’ needs are met each and every day
  • 24/7 hours staffed, fully furnished
  • Full support packages that include meal preparation and service, laundry and self-care assistance.
  • All meals provided throughout the day.